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About WeTrain Washington

We're building career pathways into better-paying retail grocery jobs.
Grocery stores are cornerstones of communities.

WeTrain Washington will advance leadership and job skills for thousands of workers across a wide array of grocery occupations, and design and expand skilled apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs in the meat, seafood and produce industries. Our programs will improve job quality, ensure economic stability, nurture financial security, and promote workforce equity for workers throughout the industry.

With experience and training, grocery workers can climb up the career ladder, ascending from entry-level jobs to lifelong professions. 

Grocery work can be a bridge to mobility and financial security. How does that happen? Workforce training. That's where WeTrain comes in. We're delivering training programs to give people the skills they need to become the butchers, fishmongers, and bakers of the future. Join us today.

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Grocery workers staff stores that provide us with healthy, affordable meals, including our low-income and elderly neighbors. Grocery stores and their hardworking staff members are the anchors of our neighborhoods. They generate value for homeowners, and provide barrier-free pathways to good jobs for new immigrants, women, People of Color, and other underrepresented workers. 

Our Team

EvanWoods Headshot_FINAL.jpg

Evan Woods

Executive Director

Evan is the Founder and CEO of Olympic Analytics, a research consulting firm that has completed dozens of projects for non-profits, unions and government agencies. He has also served as a researcher for SEIU and UFCW, consulted for the International Labour Organization and World Bank, and taught Economics at three colleges and universities.

Sarah Laslett.jpg

Sarah Laslett

Training Director

Sarah brings more than twenty years of experience as an adult educator to her role as WeTrain Washington’s Training Director. Early in her career, she taught undergraduates at several universities, and then went on to work as a popular educator for labor education and research centers in Washington and Oregon. Sarah has broad expertise in curriculum design and implementation, strategic program development, and supporting the professional development of other educators. Her focus on worker empowerment education stems from her experience as a union member, organizer and leader, informing her approach to workforce development training and education. Her educational philosophy is based in the belief that adults already have a lot of the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The role of education is to draw out that knowledge, add more information and test competencies, and give working adults the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills on the job.  

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Ariana Davis

Engagement Director

Ariana has been a voice for working people for over half her life. Ariana started at Safeway while in high school, where she first became actively involved with the union. Since then, she has gone on to work at UFCW 3000 as a Community Organizer, Political Organizer, Union Representative, and her most recent role as a Cannabis Organizer. Ariana was the lead signature gatherer and citizen sponsor for initiative 1433, the initiative to raise the minimum wage and give paid sick leave to all workers in Washington State. She contributed to multiple successful grocery bargains and campaigned in Missouri to overturn right to work laws.

Dan Albani_edited.jpg

Dan Albani

Operations Director

Dan joins WeTrain Washington after many years working in Operations in the Maritime and Tourism Industries. Through those years Dan developed a deep knowledge and understanding of how to lead projects, implement systems and utilize various process improvement techniques. Utilizing that knowledge and experience, Dan plans to help the WeTrain Team bring more and more value to the workers it supports.

Board of Directors

Faye Guenther - President

Joe Mizrahi -Vice President

Sean Embly

Kristina Storm

Tammy Brady

Glenn Scott Davis

Rich Stolz

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